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edatanetworks Readying Digital Assets for Market

October 11, 2019: edatanetworks Inc. (edata) to deliver its digital assets to Market. edata’s digital assets include a unique and robust patent portfolio with early filings dating back to 2004. The process is anticipated to begin in late fall of 2019.

About edata:

edatanetworks Inc. (edata),, a privately held company established In 2001, has worked with many organizations and conducted multiple live markets tests creating patented philanthropic fintech innovations utilizing existing technological and financial infrastructures— connecting consumers, local merchants, charitable and community organizations, digital media groups, communications companies, search providers, social networks, banks, payment networks and other financial services organizations.

edata has refined its Software-as-a-Service platform by enhancing the delivered functionality, transaction processes, microservices / API technology while increasing value to participating merchants, consumers, community and charitable organizations. Through its evolution and successful market tests, edata has built an extensive Intellectual property portfolio of patents and trademarks at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.